Well and Pump Inspections

Well and Pump Inspections

Water Well and Pump Inspections have taken first place as the most critical factor in purchasing or selling a home. In a survey of home inspection services, it was revealed that home inspection services do not employ certified and licensed water well and pump contractors. Unfortunately, a ladder, flashlight, and clipboard are not tools of a licensed groundwater professional. Simply turning on the tap and taking a water sample does not qualify as an inspection. Many factors contribute to the state and condition of your water supply system and the safe delivery of clean, and naturally pure water into your home.

The attention directed at water wells and pump systems was brought on by below standard construction practices and techniques. Well-intentioned neighbors, weekend handymen, “Do-it-yourselfers,” and unqualified plumbers attempted to make repairs that directly affect the water you use and drink daily. As an unsuspecting and uninformed public, you might not think to certify that your water supply is safe and free of serious and potential health risks.

Harmful bacteria, waterborne disease, agricultural chemicals, run-off, septic, and sewer placement are just a few of the possible culprits in contaminated water supplies.

Most importantly… contaminated water can have no smell, be crystal clear, and taste simply wonderful! All the possibilities listed above coupled with poor craftsmanship by an unlicensed contractor leave you liable if you sell and sick if you buy!

Our area of operation is in the tri-states of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. All these states require that a water well and or pump contractor be certified, registered, and licensed. All contractors wishing to retain their respective state license are required to attend continuing education classes on an annual basis. These seminars and workshops provide awareness and review of present and updated health and construction codes.

Homebuyers and home sellers having interest in a water well and pump inspection should insist that a “State Licensed” contractor do their inspection. Inspections done by a plumber or by a general home inspection service leave you with no more than an unqualified opinion. Do not be misled. Before you hire a well and pump inspection, ask to see their form or inspection sheet. Don’t be surprised… They probably won’t have one. Over 90% of inspection services don’t even know where your water well is, how it works and test for nothing!

Enhance the sale of your property by listing it as having a “CERTIFIED SAFE WATER WELL AND WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM!” For the home buyer…WOULD YOU HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY?