Sales, Service and Repair

Sales, Service & Repair




Our 24-hour sales, service, and repair phone, voice messaging, paging, and mobile phone services instantly answers and delivers your important or emergency message without fail. Weekends and holidays are no exception!

Skilled and licensed professional tradesmen are available to solve the simplest to the most complex water supply system failures. Pumps, parts, tanks, and fittings of every design and application are in stock.

Our continuous inventory support system keeps all the components of a residential to industrial pump systems available at a moments notice.

Just call, we will make every effort to explain in detail in terms you can understand how to repair or install your own water supply system. We will always help those who want to help themselves!

All of our repairs and installations are made under the strict rules and regulations set forth by The Illinois Dept. of Public Health, Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Our State licensed, certified, and registered, tradesmen are well skilled in the craft of well drilling, water supply, and pumping systems along with the science of water softening, conditioning and treatment.

All of our employees attend continuing education classes, seminars, technical workshops, and are field tested to ensure your water system installation or repair meets or exceeds state mandates. You may feel confident that no better care for the health and safety of your water is easily found.

APPLE RIVER WELL AND PUMP CO. INC. purchases and installs the highest quality water equipment available to the water well and pump industry. ALL LABOR, AS WELL AS MATERIALS, ARE GUARANTEED. It is our belief to provide those materials and construction practices to merit your complete satisfaction and no less!


Any construction will only be as sound as the people who perform the work. A groundwater contractor should never be selected by price alone. There are a number of issues you should keep in mind when selecting a groundwater contractor:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Will the contractor supply references?
  3. Is the contractor a member of the state and/or national trade association?
  4. Will the contractor evaluate the system before making recommendations?
  5. Is the contractor abreast of modern construction techniques? Does he/she regularly attend seminars or other educational events?
  6. Is the contractor thorough in his/her explanation of all the options available to you?
  7. Will the contractor provide a written estimate and a formal contract?
  8. Will the contractor provide a certificate of insurance before you sign a contract and before any work is begun?
  9. Is the contractor licensed?